Welcome to B.A.LAB Meet.

B.A.LAB Meet is a quick and easy-to-use video conferencing software. You can create rooms to host meetings or participate in conferences held by third parties using a shortURL.

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Personalized Rooms

You will be able to create unlimited rooms, customize them with the name you prefer and share them with other users

Recording Management

You can choose at any time whether to record your meetings and then manage them as and when you want

Wherever you are

You can be present at meetings or appointments from anywhere in the world where you are

User Authentication

Each user will have their own credentials, will be able to create rooms, customize them in the name and settings

Integrated Chat

You can exchange messages in the public chat of the meeting or in private with each individual participating user

Live Video

You will be able to share your webcam images in real time as if you were physically present in the room

Talk or Listen

You can choose to actively participate in the meeting or to be just a listener

Screen Sharing

You will be able to share your entire screen or a single window, useful for example when meeting customers


You can create "Breakout Rooms" or sub-rooms where you can interrogate the pupils or make them work in a team

User Security

User data will always be safe because those who are invited will have to type only the name to be displayed


Express yourself using as you like all the emojis you prefer during a chat with other participants


The best way to do distance learning lessons, repetitions and tests when the class lesson is not possible

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